Chakthar Gyal

Ed_Symposium_DSC3208 Chakthar Gyal is Professor and Vice Dean of Qinghai Normal University Nationalities Teachers College.  He completed his MA at Northwest Nationalities University in 1998 and has taught at Qinghai Normal University since 1997, winning numerous awards for excellence in teaching.  Featured in such prominent journals as China Tibet Studies, Tibetan Research, and Northwest University for Nationalities Review, he has published widely on Tibetan language, literature, grammar, rhetoric, and history. His Modern Tibetan Grammar received the National Excellent Book Award in 2002.

Chakthar Gyal has also become a leading expert on Tibetan education and cultural policy issues, and has undertaken comparative research on bilingual education throughout the eastern Tibetan region.  His paper “Language, the Heart of Ethnic Identity” received top honors at Qinghai’s first ethnic language symposium in 2000. Among his other accomplishments, he has also translated Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals into Tibetan.